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Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against.
The contract is valid for payment of the insured amount during:
* The date of maturity, or
* Specified dates at periodic intervals, or * Unfortunate death, if it occurs earlier.
Among other things, the contract also provides for the payment of premium periodically to the Corporation by the policyholder. Life insurance is universally acknowledged to be an institution, which eliminates 'risk', substituting certainty for uncertainty and comes to the timely aid of the family in the unfortunate event of death of the breadwinner.

Why with LIC only ?

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the biggest government-owned life insurer in India.The company is also the biggest investor in India. The Government of India is the overall owner of the company. The headquarters of LIC India are located in Mumbai.The company offers life insurance plans for both individuals and employee groups. LIC Agent Bangalore Shivakumar A, by calling at 9972660645 can help you for selecting a plan and for services also......more

Why life insurance ?

 lic agent bangalore

You may want to get Insurance cover if you know that you are the only source of income for your family. There could be several reasons for you to get a life Insurance cover. Your loan/ mortgage payments, your wife/ spouse and childrens, your business, etc. These are some reasons why people opt for life insurance.

Unless you have a valid reason to insure your life, don't do so.

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